How to Make a Felt Deer

Hello! For my first post EVER I’m going to give you a tutorial on how to make a little felt deer.
What you will need:
Deer Pattern
Felt (3 colours)
Hand Sewing Needle
Wadding (Stuffing)
Craft Glue
Step 1. Cut out the felt pieces following the pattern provided. The pattern is for a deer that is approximately 12 cm tall. Simply shrink or enlarge the pattern to accommodate your needs.
Step 2. Stitch the two tail pieces together then stitch the Inner body to the Outer body as shown below. You can use an ordinary running stitch but to add some extra detailing I have decided to use a blanket stitch.Step 3. Stitch the two outer body pieces together, starting at the end of the last stitch shown in step 2 (the deer’s chest). At the tail point fold the tail in half lengthwise and add it to the body, stitching over it until you reach the first stitch shown in step 2 (the deer’s rear).

Step 4. Fill the deer with wadding through the opening at the inner body. Use a chopstick or something similar to gently push the wadding down the legs and neck. Take a considerable amount of care at this step as felt can be very fragile and you want your deer to be evenly padded. When you have completed this, stitch the deer closed.

Step 5. Stitch the head pieces to the centre head, starting at the tip of the nose and ending at the neck. Fill the head with wadding.

Step 6. Put some glue at the tip of the neck on both the body and head. Place the neck inside the head, higher if you want a short deer and lower if you want a tall deer. When you have decided on the placement, stitch the head closed starting from the neck and ending at the tip of the nose.

Step 7. With glue, add the ears, eyes, nose and any other desired details such as body spots.
To personalise your felt deer you can use other materials such as putting lace or ribbon around the neck and/or using sequins for the spots. It’s up to you how creative you want to be!


I like to take my deers to the park and make them kiss.