How to make a Babooshka Brooch using scrap felt and fabric


What you will need:
Babooshka Pattern
Scrap Fabric and/or Felt
Craft Glue
Thread (2 Colours)
Sewing Needle
Brooch Pin
Step 1.  Using the pattern provided find the appropriate sized scrap felt/fabric and cut out all the different pieces.
Step 2. With craft glue, attach piece D onto piece B. When they are dry, glue them onto piece A as shown.
Step 3. Piece E is glued on like so.
Step 4. Hand sew the features on the face leaving enough room for the hair. The cheeks can be made using piece G or they too can be hand stitched. Note: This part requires a lot of care and patience if you are using piece G therefore hand stitching the cheeks may be an easier alternative.
Step 5. Using a little bit of glue attach the face (H) onto the body followed by the hair (C) and then the scarf knot (F).
Step 6. Use a running stitch to further secure all the pieces and add detail to the brooch. Follow the figure below.
Step 7. Fasten the brooch pin to the right side of piece I using glue and/or thread. This is the back of the brooch.
Step 8. Put the front and back together and secure using a blanket stitch. Use double thread to make stronger, more eye catching detail.

Now you have a Babooshka brooch to attach to whatever you like!