D.I.Y. Glitter Ballet Flats

Like most girls, after seeing the wizard of oz I have wanted my very own ruby slippers. If you share the same desire, I have good news! Here is a quick, clean and easy tutorial to help you get just that.
What you will need:
Ballet Flats
Masking tape
Glossy Mod podge
Paint brush
Disposable container or tray
Step 1. The first thing you need to do is find a pair of shoes that you would like to cover in glitter. Note that you get better results from using something made of a firm material over something soft and flimsy. In my case I have decided to use an old pair of vinyl ballet flats. Although Dorothy had bows on her shoes I’m going to remove the bows for this project.

Step 2. With masking tape, protect the lining, sole and any other part of the shoe that you don’t want covered in glitter.

Step 3. Grab a disposable container or tray and squeeze some mod podge onto it. Don’t make too much since you will be applying the mix to the shoes in layers. Pour and mix in the glitter depending on how much coverage you wan’t. Remember, you don’t want the mixture to feel like crunchy peanut butter, try to make a smooth paste.
Step 4. Using a paint brush, dab the glitter mix onto your shoes. Let the layer dry before adding another, you will be able to tell when it is dry as mod podge goes on white and turns clear. I removed and reapplied the masking tape after applying each layer of glitter but if you think that that is too time consuming you can choose to leave the masking tape on till the very end and file off any unwanted excess that has dried between the shoe and masking tape.
Step 5. When you are happy with the coverage of your shoe, seal the glitter by painting on a layer of pure mod podge. To cover my black ballet flats I did a total of 3 layers, 4 including the final seal. When the final layer has dried remove the masking tape from your ballet flats.


Now to find the yellow brick road.


3 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Glitter Ballet Flats

  1. Awesome! Second comment yes! I was actually first comment but goddamn blogger denied me access, I wasn't dressed for the occasion apparently. Well, everything will change once I wear my new ruby slippers, you'll see.anyways, second comment yes!

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