How to make coasters using scrap fabric

Today I’m using the scrap fabric from my bunting project and making coasters.
What you will need:
Scrap Fabric
Bias Binding
Sewing Machine
Pencil or Pen


Step 1. To make one coaster that is 10cm in diameter, you will need 14 strips of fabric that are 2.5cm in width (a seam allowance of 5 mm has already been added) and at least 11cm in length.

Steps 2 – 6 need to be repeated as 7 strips will be used to make the front of the coaster and the 7 remaining strips will be used to make the back of the coaster.

Step 2. Put two strips of fabric together with the right sides facing in. With your sewing machine sew along one of the edges.

Step 3. Open the connected strips like a book and attach a third piece along one of the edges and sew. When this is done connect a fourth strip onto the third strip and then carry on doing the same until you have attached the seven strips onto each other. This is what it should look like from the back.

Step 4. Lay the connected strips flat and iron on the wrong side of the fabric. To keep this piece tidy, make sure you iron all the seams to one direction as pictured below.

Step 5. Trace a circle 10cm in diameter onto your interfacing. For this step you can use a compass or in my case I found the lid of a Hershey’s Kisses tin was the perfect size. I’m sure you can find circular objects around the house if you don’t have a compass either.

Cut the circle out of your interfacing and iron onto the back of your strips. This will make your coaster more rigid.

Step 6. Cut along the outline of the interfacing. You should end up with a neat circle, the front being your fabric strips and the back being interfacing.

Step 7. As noted in the beginning of the tutorial, repeat steps 2 through to 6 in order to produce a front and back for your coasters. Once this is done, attach the two circles together with the interfacing facing inwards. Sew along the circumference of the coaster closely to the edge so that the stitch can be covered by the bias binding.

Step 8. You will need a strip of bias binding that is approximately 32cm in length. Wrap the bias binding around the edge of your coaster and sew. This finishing touch will hide the rough edges and prevent your coaster from fraying.


You have one coaster… now make 5 more 😉 Remember to keep all your scraps from this project, you never know when they’ll come in handy!

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